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July 23 2014


eModeration, video testimonial, CEO Tamara Littleton

Darova! It is a way they greet each other in Russia:) Not that I am from Russia but I have to confess I do fancy Russian females a lot ;) My apologies for this off-topic introduction! I hope you are having a nice day cause I am:) and I am genuinely excited to share with all of you some views concerning free live cams. I have read bunches of resources about it via internet but there tends to be some confusion around. Probably even a bit much. So I want to sort it all out once and forever, at least for myself and for my audience.


Jelentkezz be YouTube-fiókoddal (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa vagy Chrome), ha jelezni szeretnéd, hogy tetszett USERRelationship Audits videója.

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Jelentkezz be YouTube-fiókoddal (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa vagy Chrome), ha jelezni szeretnéd, hogy nem tetszett USERRelationship Audits videója.

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June 29 2014


The UK is Importing American Sperm to Deal With Shortage

Privet! That's a way they greet each other in Russia. Not that I am from Russia but I want to admit I do like Russian girls a lot :D Apologies for this off-topic beginning! I am hoping you are having a nice day because I am:) and I am very excited to share with you some insights concerning free live cam. I have came across a ton of info about it over the internet but there appears to be some dilemma around. Probably even a bit much. So I want to try to sort it all out right now, at least personally and for my audience.

The UK is Importing American Sperm to Deal With Shortage

There is a sperm drought looming over the UK, and they're facing some issues keeping up with the demand. It is believed that donor numbers have dropped since 2005, when donors no longer had the right to anonymity (children who were conceived by way of a donor can now legally ask for the identity of their donor at age 18). And despite advances in fertility treatment causing a drop in demand for donors, there is still a large disparity. And doctors in the UK are turning to international sperm banks to deal.

British Fertility Society chairman Dr. Allan Pacey is concerned about clinics lowering their standards to meet demand. Via BBC:

"The worry is clinics might decide to change the quality of sperm they are willing to accept in order to get donors through the door and I think that's a very dangerous road to go down."

He's also concerned that couples may turn to riskier practices like "DIY insemination with a friend's sperm or seeking treatment in a country with less fertility regulation."

It seems the US and Denmark are major suppliers of sperm for the UK, and one in four donated samples is imported from abroad.

Image via Getty.

June 05 2014


Phone Chat YT

Most profiles without pictures do not get many responses. I will admit the dating scene can be brutal. An older woman would have had a few more relationships, marriages and in most cases kids from previous relationships. Many people characterize the Pisces types as living in a fantasy world, driven by an unrealistic view of people and of the world they live in. Almost any type of personality would be initially attracted to a Pisces. Dutch girls believe in God. Pay for the date because she expects you to. All I need now, is someone who completes me. This informs someone that this is a first meeting.

Should you be up front about it on your online dating profile? On closer inspection of their online dating profiles though, I see that many of them are looking for 18 - 40 year-old women...eighteen? Dating parties take place all over the city; jazz clubs, upscale bars, the outdoor terrace of famed hotels; they're a chance for a night out with a shared goal in mind. It's at those times that we tend to jump into another relationship too fast when we should have waited to date. Don't forget that online dating sites are used by everyone, so approach every new relationship with a liberal mind and a positive outlook. Women there are some great benefits to dating or developing a relationship with an older man. But you can always do something about it! Whatever your preferences are there are many date specific websites just for you. Always remember to stay safe online and do not give any bank details or credit card details to any one you are unsure of and never send money to anyone that you have not meet. So I decided to be single for awhile and I enjoy it.

Sex Many people tend to jump into bed way too fast after a divorce or separation. Internet dating services are taking this social relationship to a whole new level; for better or worse, until the online podcast wedding proposal, perhaps? Preferably like-minded! I hope you find your mate. As a whole, men that are looking for a quickie search for the women that have very few interested individuals. with these totally free personals dating sites they are focusing on allowing members to have less pressure on meeting someone. If you hate modern-day vampires as much as I do, step right up! An economic downturn precedes a recession. If there is compatibility, you can always have another one.

If nothing else comes along then you pop into his head. Dating websites contain profiles of single people looking for romance. Is that too much to ask for? And then my soul mate... I mean, how many foreign women will they have to share amongst themselves? I guess you will certainly never get sick of each other. Who doesn't want to feel warm and fuzzy? Qualities I Possess I'm a hopeless romantic, pretty nocturnal (sometimes it's work, mostly it's movies, music, and soccer matches), sporty, dependable (so I hear), very much the gentleman and old school when it comes to women (this I say so myself!), not easily ruffled, sensitive (I feel guilty if I kill a fly by mistake), and generally happy with life. But only a few can write presentable profiles and get the attention of quality seekers. All you have to do is to follow the 10 steps plan that I explain in my Attract True Love book.

If you do not know yourself, if you are week willed and generally insensitive, then you need to get out of the dating game now and don't even think of going back into it until you have refined yourself. Only give your phone number to someone you are really interested or serious about dating. The Internet exists without inherent purpose. If he shows some, or even all of these signs - he's truly in love with you! There might be other items of interest and as men mature they tend to consider other focuses. He then went on to criticize British pop music saying it was the worst and anyone could have made it. New girl on the block needs a tour guide. Families are less of a concern. Simply put, people are busy.

The thing with younger women is that at times their emotions can get the better of them and they can say and do things that we as men question whether these women are sane or not. One good tactic is to search the website to locate people who you believe you might connect with. She was fetching my son's things when a man came out of her bedroom with no shirt or shoes and wearing just a pair of sweat pants. 4) Women that accept men without a profile picture: Probably the shadiest of all men is the man that does not want to put his picture out there. One of the best characteristics of American Singles is that they are proactive in seeking love and relationship. At one time, you took vows in front of family and friends to love and honor this person for the rest of your life. First, set an objective to start conversations with unknown women. Find a photo where you are doing something that you enjoy. But one of my favorite performers is none other than the beautiful red headed seductress Rosie Vela.

If you want someone to like you for who you are and not what your money can do than it doesn't matter what kind of car you drive or shoes you have on. There are also dating websites that target an older, more mature crowd. They attend events with you and have permission to just drop by at their whim. Dimensionally speaking, this type of relationship goes across country boundaries and state lines. There requirements are beyond any means, rich. Another question you need to ask is "can I afford to marry?" Whether or not you are at this stage in your life, it is never early to consider your obligations and capabilities. I am enjoying immensely his pursuit of me! You have to be desirable. There is business networking and friend networking. Okay so what so unique regarding phone chat that everyone must know about.Features include: ability to see who Is online, chat with members, confidential email.

Things I Love Art, especially paintings. If he's not ready to hear any of this, the relationship that started out as fun and carefree begins to feel like pressure and work.

May 21 2014


Why Southwest Airlines is sticking with email and cozying up to customers

Whether it’s using mobile to hyper-personalise the experience or email to build closer relationships, Southwest takes a disciplined approach

It seems ‘hyper’ is the prefix of the moment. Whether it’s being hyper-local, hyper-personal or hyper-contextual, travel brands are using all means possible to reach their customers in this new omni-channel world. 

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines is no exception. 

“Mobile allows us to design communications to hyper-personalise the experience,” says the airline’s chief marketing officer, Kevin Krone.  A hyper-personal experience from Southwest could be anything from:


A responsive design ‘deals’ email that leads to a mobile friendly offer page

The ability to get your email deals right in your mobile app

A reminder to add a car, or early bird, on that trip you are about to take

Like most travel companies, Southwest is allocating more of its budget to mobile projects. But Krone is quick to point out that “we look at it as a percentage of our digital buys rather than allocating a specific amount to mobile”.  It really depends, he says, on the specific campaign and where the team thinks the customer will be most receptive to its marketing message.

Mobile allows us to design communications to hyper-personalise the experience

In order to do this effectively, Southwest says it must closely monitor where customers are shopping, track what they are buying and where they are buying it – on a desktop, mobile or tablet device. “Attribution models are helping in better understanding how mobile advertising is contributing along with advertising to the final sale in the campaign,” says Krone. Interestingly, in the past year, for example, the airline has seen the biggest jump in the number of consumers shopping and buying by tablet.    

Email still relevant 

Citing stats from a 2012 Exact Target study, Krone says email, the top communication channel for most retailers, is nowhere near peaking.

91% of consumers check their email everyday

66% of those consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email they have received

 “At Southwest we feel that we need to build individual relationships with our customers,” says Krone. “This has meant moving away from a discreet set of campaigns that are mass blasted and more toward building profiles and designing experiences that allow us to interact individually.”  

He cites the airline’s Click-n-Save weekly email, which could contain 15 different targeted placements to address specific user profiles, behaviour and where they are in their journey. For example, it could be a new customer to SWA or one due to fly in three days.

Socially savvy 

Social has become an integral part of Southwest’s marketing strategy. In 2012 it became the first airline to reach 3 million fans on Facebook. 

Although there were a few early hiccups in last year’s JD Power and Associates Social Media Benchmark Study, Southwest was named as one of the top four performers in the categories of social media servicing and social media marketing. A big plus for Southwest was that the study found that 67% of consumers have used a company's social media site for servicing  - in other words to ask a question or resolve a problem. 

“We see great success in using our social channels to drive business objectives which includes brand engagement as well as transaction goals,” says Krone. 

And when it comes to key performance indicators for social, these are specific to the effort and include both return on engagement and return on investment. 

We see great success in using our social channels to drive business objectives

Krone’s top tips for customer targeting 

Have the right message. Make it compelling and differentiating

Package it in such a way that stands out – be that on TV, digital or other media 

Aim to reach the right target audience at the right time. In other words, know when they are shopping for a vacation or business trip 

Test ads before and after 

Integrate your message across the organisation 

Be nimble. Pointing to a recent initiative, Krone cites the decision to jump on the opportunity to launch live TV across the fleet as an example of being   nimble. “We’re disciplined enough to learn from every campaign to get better with the next,” he says. 

To hear more insights from Kevin Krone, Southwest Airlines’ chief marketing officer, and many other senior executives from the travel industry join us in Miami for Online Marketing Strategies for Travel 2014: The Americas and Caribbean (June 2-3)

May 18 2014


The M3 System Review By Michael Griswold - A Frank Review

Regardless of how upsetting a separation might appear to be, it is necessary to realize that there is certainly always a very pretty good possibility to getting your ex-lover back if there's a very good plan to transport out in that respect such as that provided by TW Jackson in his popular eBook, the Magic of Making Up. Many girls have opted for men who are older than them ignoring all the disadvantages that are present. First off, men generally don't show emotions, meaning you have to work out what they're feeling from only a few hints.

Read my free guide that gives you a plan here: This Wonderful Time Of Earning Up. Hurrying over things is not going to give you the time for you to truly assess the causes of the break-up and just how better to protect yourself from their store within your future relationships. Search gorgeous honeymoons too injury and specifically cracks and splits. Don't joke about her family. Why don't we review some indicators that claim that your ex could still be crazy about you.

they reduce soil erosion;. Because it can be a digital download it is important to recognize that referring as a chat line free trial PDF file. One thing that individuals lack today is time. One thing that people lack today is time. Most of all, make sure you make an attempt to prevent any type of argument.

The genuine guy is the main one worth hanging out with. Domestic violence in California can be a food for thought and intensive campaign is important to control it. At the same time, do not give your ex or anybody else as a matter of fact, the possiblity to begin feeling empathetic to suit your needs over the separation. Do show your best sideWhen dating a woman of your different culture or race, she'll likely have some good and bad stereotypes about your race and background.

Holds his chin level for the floor. Find out that is which by asking open ended questions. There can be a generation that's not quit familiar with all the modern scene and, the modern generation is all for the thought of the virtual possibilities of love. You could possibly get This Wonderful Time Of Creating Up free bonus guide from him that will explain all of the basic steps to get your ex back.

Is your time and effort and time you might be going to put into winning your ex-boyfriend again truly worth it. When you really think about it, you will notice the fruits of hanging out together with your girl. Simply take a rest from it. She is still a lady and a person.

Another thing which you should realize is always that occasionally the majority of these noticeable adjustments are only superficial. Domestic violence in California is a food for thought and intensive campaign is important to control it. If you need any relationship or dating advice you will want to ask him. What part did your guy play?.

The rise in domestic violence in California is overstretching the state's health resources and facilities. The website features a great deal of info on wedding photographers, wedding photography and related fields. Life might not give you fifth or sixth likelihood of true love and, when you're young, it is better to seek that real genuine love that will not waiver within the end; regardless of what age the man is. The M3 System is guaranteed to assist you to definitely win your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back if you can follow through using the program.

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May 12 2014


The Three Type Of Men - Reading Archetypal Male Body Language

Most women claim being able to read men just like a book. The time just after any break-up is but one that's often disheartening. First off, men generally don't show emotions, meaning you have to work out what they're feeling from only a few hints.

Try to emulate the positive rolemodel and never the negative one. Hurrying over things won't offer you the time to truly assess the causes of the break-up and just how far better to protect yourself from their store in your future relationships. Therefore, you can find girls who're genuinely in search of love and affection. Don't joke about her family. The M3 System is a program that essentially takes you from the hand to first help you to definitely straighten your thinking and free yourself of any possible harmful feelings and thereafter offers you different step-by-step tactics about the way to begin re-attracting your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and ultimately provides you with all the particular action-plans you should decide to use successfully win your ex back.

The M3 System will come in three different membership classes which consists of the Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership plans with all the Platinum membership being the favorite. Because it can be a digital download it is essential to understand that it comes as a PDF file. One thing that folks lack today is time. One thing that individuals lack today is time. This way, you will be in the position to steer clear of any doubts as you get to really free phone chat line numbers appreciate the girl for who she really is.

To conclude, Michael Griswold's M3 System is a successful multimedia program which features wonderful audios, videos, and text materials to assist one to win your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back as quickly as possible. Find out which is which by asking open ended questions. Honesty remains to be the best policy, in the big event you really want to win the hearts of the girls. Life might not provide you with fifth or sixth odds of true love and, when you are young, it is better to seek that real genuine love that will not waiver within the end; irrespective of what age the man is. Is your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend giving you a bit more attention of late or increasingly coy with you? Anytime your ex begins showing new signals of interest in regards to you out of the blue, this may be a very good sign of their rekindled desire for you.

Through his Magic of Making Up program, TW Jackson presents a tremendously comprehensive manual which leads you through the entire process from begin to finish about how precisely to have back with your ex. Don't joke about her family. . The addition of every 5% of forest cover to a community decreases runoff from rainwater by 2%, thereby lowering the requirement for costly infrastructure.

Try to emulate the positive rolemodel and not the negative one. Hurrying over things is not going to provide you with the time and energy to truly assess the causes of the break-up and just how far better to protect yourself from them in your future relationships. Find out which is which by asking open ended questions. Don't joke about her family. Since sharing your lifetime with somebody is pretty big, you have to make certain that you are prepared mentally and you will be in a position to create the best choice.

You provide an advantage because you've grown up using the girls and know a variety of the stuff that would really cause them to become tick. Sometimes, you might be uncertain of what might please them which article will make sure which you get to understand the keys to unlocking your destiny with the girls. There's consequently the necessity to give yourself a little extra time to monitor nearly all of these modifications and permit your decision shape up over time. A mind which can be panicky usually tends to demonstrate indications of frustration plus most situations behaves impulsively - behaviors that regrettably are great turnoffs in a relationship. You can thus be confident that this can be one resource you can not afford to complete without having in your quest of having your ex back.

Consider getting a handful of the crisis review program leaving your entire spouse and kids subscribers much too. . Domestic violence in California can be a food for thought and intensive campaign is important to control it. Therefore, don't give up hope inside the event that his initial reaction was around the negative.

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April 23 2014


Search Marketers Need to Evolve: Google is Rewarding Marketing Strategists

The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

In the last three years at Distilled, I have sold approximately $5 million in marketing services to over 100 businesses. Initially, the vast majority of the business I sold was in search, but over?time it has evolved to encompass different facets of marketing?because we are now headed towards a hyper-competitive future. In order for our industry to continue to thrive, we need to set ourselves apart. I wanted to share some of my experience in how I was able to overcome some of the challenges our search industry is facing when it comes to competing in this post-Hummingbird, post-Penguin, post-(not provided) environment. I've found that it is extremely important to:

Know what questions to ask when you have the opportunity to pitch at the executive level.
Know why you're investing in specific marketing channels (i.e. if I invest $x,xxx in this channel for y number of months, I can anticipate z amount of traffic and revenue).
The goal is to invest first in the channels that you are most confident will generate the greatest increases in traffic and revenue in the short-term. Once you achieve this, your client has validation to request more budget internally to develop more long-term, less immediate-ROI driven activities.?

For many years now, search marketing has been a wide open market, with more business to go around than we have known what to do with. Brand after brand has recognized their need for help with search visibility, but they have not necessarily been clear on what that would entail. This led to the gold rush of search.

While many larger agencies were focused on media buying, creative, and television campaigns, the digital landscape was taking form with SEO, PPC, social, display, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, outreach (PR for the web), and much more. We as search marketers know there is a massive opportunity to be had as the digital landscape continues to mature, but whether it is ours for the taking remains to be seen. In order for us to survive, search marketers need to become more well-versed into all digital marketing channels and gain a concrete understanding of when it is appropriate to invest into some of them.

The combination of secure search (not provided), Google's continual innovation upon their ability to crawl and understand both?the web and search behavior (with Hummingbird being the most recent example), their successful moves against scalable link building tactics (Penguin and manual penalties), and an overall increase in competition will push search marketers down either of these two paths:

Become less and less white-hat over time,?constantly looking for ways to justify the means for scalable tactics
Jump ship to broader digital marketing roles and bury the SEO hats (example: Director of Marketing, Marketing Strategists, Brand Strategist, Content Strategist, Product Manager etc.) to grow revenue/traffic over time on different marketing channels.

Given the picture I have described above, I want to provide you with a framework with supporting examples for how you, the search marketer, can better get more of the resources you will need in order to pursue path 2.?

Search marketing challenges: a top-level look

Change is hard, especially at the pace required to be successful digital marketers, but Google, competing agencies, and the competition of brands on the web are?forcing our hands as search marketers to pick our paths quickly and adapt.

Let's start off by taking a closer look at some of the macro trends that add complexity to our jobs:

Google is a business

SEOs are dependent on a third-party platform that provides them with no proprietary information and gives them no advantage. The reality is that as Google's ranking algorithm becomes increasingly complex, what exactly?the right recommendation is for any given site becomes more ambiguous. Google simply isn't in the business to support SEOs; they're in the business to build the best technology in the world, so that they continue to attract the greatest number of users and generate the greatest?amount of revenue. If SEOs continue to chase the algorithm, they'll simply continue down a rabbit hole of becoming dependent on short-term tactics that at best, have no longevity, and at worst, damage the core of a business.


Not provided

Not provided impacted how SEOs were able to directly attribute their work to organic growth. It has brought challenges?not only to reporting, but also to how the previous work SEOs did was valued within an organization. With the advent of not provided, different marketing departments within an organization such as content, SEO, PR, and creatives can all justify that their work is what led to organic traffic growth. This makes it difficult for any organization to invest significant budget into SEO.



Penguin sent?a very clear signal to SEOs that many of the link building tactics they were reliant on in the past were not only no longer effective but could even?provide long-term damage to the bottom line of a business. Recovering from Penguin and any algorithmic update is uncertain, difficult, and extremely expensive. It also forced SEOs to step back and assess whether a tactic that might work today may also be detrimental to the site in the future.


Although Hummingbird may not appear to have significantly impacted search results at an initial glance, the reality is that the underlying algorithm has changed to become much more adept at understanding semantics. Hummingbird, in combination with not provided, indicates that a continued emphasis?on?keyword-focused strings is not sustainable. Future SEO initiatives cannot be siloed into keyword research, keyword-focused landing pages, and building links to those keyword-focused pages; wider context-based approaches are required.

Google crawlers handling technical challenges

As Google implements more updates to its underlying search algorithm, it has also become capable of resolving (for better or for worse, depending on the circumstance) many of the technical issues that SEOs used to manually correct on their own, whether it be duplicate or keyword-stuffed meta titles/descriptions, mobile alternative issues, resolving 302 redirect issues that were meant to be 301s, etc.?The reality is that barring very specific technical issues on a site (penalty, migrations, development of new processes/capabilities on the back-end), the "low-hanging fruit" of on-page SEO will shrivel.

Actionable ways for search marketers to get more buy-in at the beginning to execute a broader marketing strategy

The only way to execute the broader marketing tactics that will benefit search (e.g. dedicating resources to creating content, improve the UX of the site) is to say the right things to the right people. In this era of not provided and Penguin/Panda/Hummingbird, we need to be involved in much more overarching marketing goals/objectives in order to stay relevant, have budget, and become a priority for the organization.

1.?Get in front of key stakeholders. Then, ask the right questions.?

There are several key stakeholders who can impact the work you do, the budget you get, the visibility your work gets, and the amount of internal resources you can utilize. They tend to be the CMO, Director of Marketing, and VP of Sales (especially if marketing is a purpose of lead-gen). The biggest challenge most individuals have when they are granted an opportunity to pitch to the executive team is how to ask the right questions that will demonstrate their expertise in not just a specific marketing channel, but how your marketing efforts will positively impact a business's bottom line.

Image source

For example, below are the type of questions I ask executives based on their specific position within the organization.

CEO:?High-level business picture
Is this the only brand you own? Do you have a group of brands you own and operate? Does this brand we are discussing today have a parent company?
How many years has the company been in business?
Is the company a privately held company or publicly traded http://www.youtube.com/ company?
What is your business's unique value proposition?
Who are your major competitors in this space?
What are the company's most important business milestones/goals over the next 12-24 months?
What is the business's 10-20 year goal?
CFO:?High-level financial picture
Is the company bootstrapped (self-funded) or loan/venture funded? If loan/venture funded, what implications will this have on our engagement or your milestones?
Is the company profitable?
How long has the company been profitable?
What is the company's annual revenue? (This is?easy to find if the company is public.)
What has the company's year-over-year growth been for the past 3-5 years?
What are the company's most important financial milestones/goals over the next 12-24 months?
VP of Sales, CMO/VP of Marketing:?High-level growth picture
Do you have a sense of the Total Addressable Market (TAM) of your businesses category / niche? (How much revenue opportunity is there in your space?)
How much of the TAM would you say your company currently controls?
What was the initial growth strategy of the business when the company first started, and why?
How has your growth strategy evolved over time?
What do you see as the major factors that contributed to your growth (when you first started and now)?
Do you foresee those same factors continuing to play a role over the next 3-5 years? The?next 5-10 years?
What internal teams or external agencies played a huge role in that growth or success?
How long has your company been gaining market share? By how much YoY? If losing, by how much YoY?
What have been your most effective channels for growth to date?
What have been your least effective channels for growth to date?
Director of Marketing:?A more granular look into growth strategy/plans
How does your company set goals and strategy around growth, expansion, and optimization of your business? Who does that? How often do you revisit this? Who sits in on this conversation from the marketing department?
How does your business determine how much money each year you invest into the growth and expansion of the company?
How much did the marketing department invest into growth last year (including all of the channels)?
Has the amount you've invested into growth over the years fluctuated a lot or stayed pretty consistent? Why?
How much of your marketing budget do you invest into offline vs. digital per year?
Has the amount of money you've invested into digital fluctuated much year to year? Where do you attribute most of the fluctuation in spend to?
How much of your digital marketing budget went to paid channels vs. other?
Have you already or do you have plans to acquire companies to support your growth?
2. Convert bad project requests into great briefs

Here are the most typical reasons I have seen companies offer when requesting services from a search marketing agency:

We want growth of traffic/conversions through our site.
We are about to make a big change and we don't want to lose traffic.
We need to recover our traffic.
We need your help to debug this problem we are experiencing.
We would like you to do some research and help us make a decision (provide your expert opinion).
We need your help to track, measure, and report on the impact of our efforts.

Clients often ask for the wrong things for a number of reasons:

They don't have enough first-hand experience with growing search visibility, or they have unrealistic expectations on how long this process would take for how much budget.
They focus too much on the industry jargon they've read over the years. Or,
They just do not have a deep enough understanding of what the business goals and objectives should be and why.

There is nothing wrong with this, but we should not let it?stop us from focusing on the things that matter most. Business equates to revenue, and revenue increases lead to more confidence in your skill set.

For a specific example, if a client comes to you and asks you for links, reframe the conversation by asking them why they want links. Most clients ask for links for the following reasons:

Links are important to increase the domain authority of the site and the probability you can rank for highly competitive keywords, which increases the organic traffic that will go to my site.
Links are quantifiable/measurable (I've gotten x number of links in y amount of time for z price).

In this sample scenario, I would respond by saying links are an output you receive when you create great content. In order to deliver great content, you need to first start by understanding the data you have on-hand (via their CRM, customer surveys, their analytics, and their existing internal resources). The first step is for us to gain access to all this information in order for us to assess the potential opportunity this channel has on your business.

It is critical that you train your clients to talk in terms of business goals, objectives, and KPIs because that is the only opportunity in which?they will allow you to determine the marketing strategy, rather than you becoming their outsourced vendor for a variety of different marketing activities like link building.

3. Research and know which channels to invest in

Once you have a concrete understanding of the business's goals, objectives, and KPIs, it's the search marketer's job to determine which specific?marketing channels are the ones the client should be investing in. Is the goal to generate the quickest possible ROI in the least amount of time? CRO. Is the goal to understand product-market fit? Then perhaps paid search is the best medium. Is the goal to build a community and brand awareness? Creative content?+?PR + social media.

It's crucial to prioritize the specific marketing channels and activities that are most aligned with the company's business goals, while simultaneously also being the channels you feel the most confident will deliver the highest likelihood of ROI for your client. The reason is because whenever a client first signs with an agency, the first 6 months are the trial period. The client has taken a risk by partnering with an agency and they want to ensure that it's a good fit, that you follow your word, and that you're able to deliver results. Essentially, they're determining whether you are a good long-term partner for them.

Once you're able to deliver meaningful results that are aligned with the client business goals and objectives, you've passed the trial period. After that, the client is much more likely to opt for longer-term, higher-budget activities because you've successfully demonstrated your knowledge and expertise in marketing. Bigger budgets often times mean larger access to resources, which again significantly increases the chances that you will be building a long-term, meaningful relationship with your client.


Clients want you to succeed in helping them achieve their marketing goals, but they will be selective about when and how they spend their time getting you what you need. We, as search marketers, need to get better at identifying the channels that will increase the probability of success during the first 6 months of the campaign, while demonstrating our ability to think critically by asking the right type of questions and gaining the important knowledge that will give us what we need to be successful at the beginning of the project.

Fight the urge to think that if I see success?you will be rewarded later on. Although that sentiment is mostly true, if you don't get enough of what you need to be successful in the first half of the project, you may not get to a point where you can create enough value to justify them keeping you around for follow up work. For instance, if you agree to build links for a client, it's highly likely you'll always be perceived as a link building vendor to the client. Great search marketers don't just plan to be successful, they plan for all of the scenarios that could keep them becoming successful and structure in solutions to position them for an optimal outcome. This means we need to build a concrete understanding of how different marketing channels integrate with search and understanding when it is appropriate to invest into which channels. We can no longer operate in solely a search silo; ironically, in order for us to survive the future of search, we need to broaden our scope and play a much more strategic digital marketing role for us to generate returns in search for clients.?


April 04 2014


New Heart Rate Monitor Systems Will Allow Gym-Goers to Track Their Progress

New heart rate monitor systems can be used to track your stats when you workout at the gym and even compete with other people. NY1's Adam Balkin filed the following report.

It was bound to happen. High-tech fitness devices for tracking your heart rate and calories burned are everywhere now. Gyms are places you go to raise your heart rates in order to burn those calories. Now, the two are starting to work with one another via systems like the MyZone, being used at the Chelsea Piers Sports Club in the Big Apple.

With this system, gym-goers spring for a $75 heart rate monitor. Then, wherever they workout, their Wrist Heart Rate Monitor stats are tracked, and they can follow them right up there on screens throughout the facility.

"We have it set up so they'll track anywhere inside the pier, whether you'll be on the track running, or you'll be doing the treadmill, cardio, you can be in the boot camp classes, or you can be here in the spin room. It will also work, unlike most other systems, that this one will work outside. So if I go outside on the West Side Highway and I choose to do a five-mile run outside, as soon as I come in, it will pick me up, and then, it will upload my effort into the system so I actually get credit for it like I was inside the pier," says Scott Berlinger of the Chelsea Piers Sports Club.

Users also get emails after each visit summing up how they did.

In addition to keeping track of your workout stats, systems like these also utilize another form http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/ of motivation, something that's probably not too difficult to seize on at most gyms - competition.

During each workout, users earn MEPs, or MyZone Effort Points.

"You can run and somebody else can bike and somebody else can swim, and all of you can do the things that you want to do, but you're still competing on the big picture for who's burning the most calories, who's doing the most work, who's spending the most time in the facility," Berlinger says.

It's obviously up to the gym, but top of the leaderboard each week can be purely bragging material or, as is the case here, worth some serious real-world rewards.


February 21 2014


Somali President Unharmed in Palace Attack; 17 Killed

Somali President Unharmed in Palace Attack; 17 Killed
Al-Qaida-linked militants attacked Somalia's presidential palace Friday.The president was unharmed but at least 17 other people were killed.
Al-Shabab quickly claimed responsibility for the attack on the palace, known as Villa Somalia.

Witnesses say the attack began with a car bomb explosion, then gunmen stormed the palace compound.African Union and Somali government soldiers fought off the assailants.

A Somali security official tells VOAthat the dead include seven soldiers, at least eight attackers and two others. One of those killed, Mohamud Indha-Asse, was chief of staff in the prime minister's office.

Nick Kay is the U.N. secretary-general's special representative to Somalia.He says he heard from President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud soon after the attack.

"The first I heard of it this morning actually as a phone call from the president just after the attack had happened.He wanted to reassure me that he was unharmed, unhurt and that the attack had been unsuccessful."

In a statement, President Mohamud sent condolences to the families of those killed, and vowed that the Somali government and African Union forces would "eliminate" the group.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack and called on Somalis to remain resolute in the fight against extremism.

The U.S. State Department said the attack shows once again that al-Shabab stands only for death and destruction.

Al-Shabab lost control of Mogadishu in 2011 but has mounted periodic attacks in the city.

The U.N.-backed Mohamud government is trying to restore stability to Somalia, which has endured more than two decades of lawlessness and war.


October 12 2013


Beach Yoga Brad Santa Monica

Free Clothes Wearing figure-hugging clothing could cause increased pain and irritation. Girls don't realize that stretched fitted clothes near their midsection may cause pain due to the pressure on their cyst. Looser jeans will help you to reduce this pain a great deal. In Thailand, this specific massage therapy is well known to be one of the branches of Classic Medicine. It's thought that it might help in the process of recovery of any illness. In order to learn it one does not have to stay the field of medicine. Guests wake up to the sound of the ocean waves and soon rise for your morning cardio session or sunrise yoga which are held on the rooftop running track or soft sandy beach, followed closely by the beach boot camp type. The plan is filled with fitness activities including high intensity interval training, strength and agility training, stretch fusion, yoga, pilates mat classes, spinning and stress-reduction. There are also options if guests are interested to acquire extra individual yoga, massage treatments and personal training sessions. My unstrapped yoga mat threw under my arm flew wished to get with the wind and fly on several occasion. There have been other instances I dropped the mat within the parking lot. While I keep the yoga mat clean, I wasn't specially delighted for this to become rolling around in a filthy parking lot. You'll get continued support after you leave. You've lifetime access to the personal trainers and nutritionists to call or email them with questions about health and fitness. It is the private touch that sets Bella Vita Retreat in addition to the rest. A lot of Westerners enjoy it so they aren't complaining. Perhaps the natives will visit a masseur once a while. Oils and lotions usually are maybe not utilized in a conventional Thai massage. Still another option is tubed bands. For example increasing my leg and doing a toe lock was impossible for me in the beginning, I found yoga bands beneficial early in yoga practice. However, with the usage of a band, I really could conduct the stretch until my power and flexibility allowed me to create the stretch applying the yoga toe lock. All the the guest rooms have private balconies with views of the coastline and the Gulf. Sirata Beach Resort. That ocean-front hotel can be found on 1 2 tropical acres on St.

You'll understand the art of yoga and the numerous ways you can teach yourself to regulate your system movements, to concentrate utilizing the mind, and the utilization of proper breathing techniques. Yoga is an excellent way to exercise and release tension in a far more gentle way. While there,you will have to be able to go to a place where warm and friendly hospitality enter from people that want to share their homeland of Costa Rica with you. This sub-continent has value of tourism; it contains historical tourism of Rajasthan, adventure tourism of Kashmir and Ladakh, medical tourism with inexpensive and quality therapy, ayurveda and club tourism of Indian traditional medications, yoga and religious tourism, beach tourism (It's among the best coastline and quantity of famous beaches throughout). Asia is an old country; it's a state of monuments. Everywhere you travel in India there are always a number of palaces and monuments looking forward to you to show its rich and unique history, culture, structure and tradition. If you are attempting to lose weight or just detoxify the body, you'll love the regimen provided by Bella Vita Retreat. You can get to get transportation facilities in the airport to the location and accommodation arrangements there, when you sign up for a painting retreat. There are always a host of activities to choose from and the retreat is a perfect system where you can connect to other wonderfully willing individuals like your-self. If other people's bodies make you uncomfortable or you've a staring problem then feel free to take a nap, close your eyes and relax. It will help you get started anyways. The whole yoga training depends on your ability to relax your brain as well as the human body so arrive at relaxing. In 1989 the hotels is chosen by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a founding member of the Historic Hotels of America. After that, the resort has been further enhances. In 2003 the Don CeSar recognized int 75th anniversary. All the beaches have their unique flavors and Calangute is probably the most crowded from these. Adventure Tourism in Goa involves discovering the hinterlands of the spot which are accessible by both boat and by road. Wildlife Tourism is still another natural attraction fro Goa. We need that inner calm. We desire their attention of the storm facade. However, we can not possibly conceive that we could ever step into one of those lessons. They come in a palette of 19 modern colors including summer shades like pear, palm green, lion lily, barrier and sun orange. Women's Colorblock Performance Shorts. To get a jog on the beach or practicing yoga on the sand, you'll need a good pair of performance pants.

Pilgrimage Tourism in Goa is motivated by the existence of Hindu temples and old churches. Cultural Tourism in Goa is a rich blend of color gaiety in its dances and songs like Mandos, Fugddies, Goff, and Godemodni. People from different religions co-exist peacefully in equilibrium that will be evident in the participation by them in the Goa Annual Carnival. Exercising Yoga Do not wait until you have a yoga bag packed with gear before you start to learn and practice yoga. All you have to to begin with is just a simple pad or towel. As you become more familiar with yoga and find what the human body needs you can continue to increase your yoga exercise equipment. The Bella Boot Camp program is a hard-core get your butt in form fitness escape. Yoga on the beach, day cardio problem, beach boot camp and a lot more classes will reenergize your body and mind. Located about fifteen minutes north of Fort Lauderdale on the peaceful stretch of beautiful sandy beach, the retreat is located in a small town referred to as Pompano Beach. When it comes to the nature and wildlife beautiful locations, only sites is available in mind from Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, North-east States, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. In the recent years India is emergences together of the very sought-after adventure destinations can be a truth. India gives selection of adventure tourism opportunities, this change is incredible amazingly. As opposed to other styles of massage therapy, this massage doesn't require oils. In Thailand, it's known as 'nuat phaen boran' meaning the historical method massage. You are able to indulge in several activities here like yoga and pranayama, and review sessions in groups. A zafu is a comfortable egg shaped cushion that raises you slightly while you sit quietly for meditation. The zabuton is a lower broader cushion. Both pillows can be used in yoga practice, meditation, and even home furnishing. Before my first session, I thought 7 a.m. The yoga teacher, Judith Stevens, is a perfectly positive and caring woman with over 30 years of experience focusing on what she calls 'Yoga for Health,' which combines her higher level knowledge of yoga with medical assistance from local health practitioners to create an application that ensures maximum physical health. I assure you, after two hours of her yoga education, and an extended, relaxing bath, you'll become more than willing to start every day.

Healthy Diet Is Important Eating healthy is very important and you must steer clear of the foods which are greasy and are stuffed with flour, like burgers and pastries. Your painful ovarian cyst might be connected with your diet, therefore the more you eat bad dishes, the probabilities your cyst will increase will be higher. Instead a diet decide to try. Petersburg Beach. This hotel is found on 5 acres overlooking the Gulf coast of florida on St. Hotel amenities include two heated pools, two whirlpool schools, white sand beach and a family group barbecue area. The elegant, stylish resorts around the ocean front are able to present you with ambiance and amenities that you will adore. Following are the top rated resorts in South Beach. The Setai Hotel 2001 Collins Ave. Puro Beach Marbella does only admit people on the age of sixteen as this can be a very exclusive resort to come and spend their day at the resort. The Puro Beach principle may also be found in its Puro Beach Villamoura to the Algarve in Portugal, and sister resort of Puro Beach Palma Bay Mallorca. Rates vary https://www.facebook.com/nataliacoretraining from \u20ac20 to \u20ac160 Euros for your day. Yoga balls can be found everywhere in most size, color, and cost range imaginable. From Target to Sports Authority you'll find a yoga ball or harmony ball most anywhere. One essential point to consider when investing in a yoga basketball is that anti-burst, slow drip balance balls will last better and longer than inexpensive balance balls. All this was eliminated from the purchase of the yoga bag. Yoga Equipment: Yoga Apparel You can start out training yoga in your sweats if you like, but you may soon realize that yoga tops and bottoms are reverse in fit and appearance. Yoga pants are loose, letting full flexibility of the joints and hips and movement of the legs. A combination of experiencing Goan tradition, time alone to reveal in stillness, and exercising Yoga (for the trip inward) will undoubtedly be blended to give the chance to you to integrate, grow and interact with Yoga on the new level. For that reason, in the Goa Beach Yoga visit, few essential elements are : A Goan Boat Cruise with live folk music and dance, Visit to the popular Anjuna and Mapusa flea-markets, relaxing Ayurveda massages and an alternative to enjoy some water-sports for your adventurous souls. Yoga Holidays is not only meant for people that already practice Yoga in India.

And medical Services Department houses many students of the College of Massotherapy and gives massage therapy, hypnosis, reflexology, and more (not free of charge, obviously). Visitors Center boasts having ten of tens of thousands of visitors each year. I must acknowledge, everytime I have visited, the center was absolutely packed with people ranging from the curious out-of-towner towards the local regular. Conventional Thai massage or named nuad paen boran is based on the style that many physical and emotional problems are triggered by blocked energy channels within the body. Generally speaking in a Thai massage, the masseur use the knees, heels, feet, elbows and hands to press on these channels gently. Acupressure strategies may even be utilized by the pulling and pushing of the limbs for stretches. Party is in the air on a regular basis. Pleasant people, warm sunshine and amazing food make the trip knowledge really unique. Instructors are available easily across Goa. Before year, I have had the pleasure of visiting the A.R.E. Visitors Center throughout three separate visits to Virginia Beach. Each time that I visited, I was met by a nice Visitors Guide who ensured to perform down the goal of free (that is right, free) actions for the day, including a viewing of The Edgar Cayce Legacy Movie shown from 2 - 2:30 p.m., which pays homage to the man behind the science of A.R.E.; a guided tour of the complete building from 2:30 - 3 p.m., and a free survey lecture from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. The Green Village is just a distinctive and sustainable project, containing a selection of new and compassionately renovated green buildings for both retail and industrial use. The Green Village can be found on Pine Avenue. Go take a peek at one of the very exciting projects ever to occur on Anna-maria! Various retreats should be offered by the area of a travel within the type of workshops and yoga classes from world-renowned trainers. Here are some carefully researched tips to ensure that you can take advantage your yoga and, or travel, trip. And that means you are considering of visiting Thailand? Grab a tiny towel and a water bottle and leave with the time to arrive about fifteen minutes early. A lot of the yoga knowledge may be the mind\/body\/ air link. It is part stretching and part meditation. For example, when you're in down dog, or bent-knee down dog you could need to relax your forehead on the block for support. Yoga blocks are available in different proportions and forms. Blocks are usually manufactured from thick, resistant foam or cork.

Exercise One of the most readily useful natural and organic remedies for ovarian cysts is exercise. It is a great recommendation for you to achieve that, although the last thing you like to do at this moment is get up and move. To your tense muscles to reduce cramping and also, Pilates if not Yoga are both invaluable to your body. Based only steps away from the beach, at Ocean Palms Beach Resort you will take pleasure in the ideal setting for the San Diego beach trip. Vacation in the Sun: Carlsbad California No matter what your hotel, hotel, hotel lodging taste or trip budget, Carlsbad provides the magnificent and thrifty likewise. Water Palms Beach Resort is the southern California trip escape, especially if you would like to relax and soak in sunlight while enjoying the surf, shopping, golf, spas, and numerous dining opportunities. If you should be able to design, tone and chisel your body while finding that additional pampering tough at the same time frame, you'll find the ultimate spa\/fitness combination at Bella Vita Retreat. You might hear these called a zafu or zabuton. Goa includes a quantity of orchard lands and spruce farms. The Tulum Retreat on the beach offers a mind-blowing knowledge that is ideal for re-discovering your skill. It is possible to browse the painting excursions by visiting their websites online. You can register your self by completing a quick on the web type where you put in your personal details like your name and address. Amenities include an Award winning cafe and outdoor pool and bar, fitness business with views of the ocean. Gokarna- Situated in the North Karnataka, Gokarna is a sacred and little area famous for its pristine beaches. Mahabalipuram is certainly one of probably the most popular destinations among tourists operating out of Tamil Nadu. There is a brand new Spa and fitness center planned to open quickly. Amusement amenities include the full company gym, outdoor swimming-pool with poolside dining. Eat at Durango Steakhouse. As the house can be found directly on the ocean this is a wonderful, tropical beach boot-camp. The resort offers one and two-bedroom suites with down comforters, comfortable sheets and towels, skin and hair care products, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker with Starbucks coffee, private balcony with ocean view and tiled and granite bathrooms. Furthermore, the hotel includes complimentary valet parking, complimentary instant web, a work station in each space, free unlimited local and 800 calls, telephone with two restaurants, organization heart, two lines and spinning studio. Yoga vacation is expanding rapidly all over the world and can be known as a secondary aimed at relaxation to ease the stress and turmoil of life and work. Maneuvering to a beach resort giving yoga classes or yoga accommodations who dedicate themselves to weeks of yoga training at ashrams are different forms of this type of travel. Classes for massages, Reiki, relaxation and other peace procedures will also be common for those trying to expand their knowledge and skills.

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September 25 2013


Want To Get Back Into Shape So Stop By At Complete Fitness Solutions

Open 24 hours a day, both locations offer free childcare and are partnered with a string of local businesses for additional member discounts and benefits. A one-week free membership may be ideal for short-term visitors, and can be downloaded online. The Westside location features a beautiful rooftop garden, complete with outdoor soccer field and tennis courts. In other cases where an expert is needed, the doctor may be the professional referring you to an expert to speed up the method. Do not merely acquire a posture brace or carry out workouts without physician advice because this could have negative effects on your condition. Lawler mentioned that management teams of small and large companies can learn hands-on about services they can make available to companies, by both learning the benefits and also trying the services themselves.

Regularity is the key to success. Performing any of these exercises regularly will show the results. So, put on your shoes and start exercising. The studio is appointment-only and fills up quickly; be sure to reserve a spot at least a week in advance. The bottom line is that regular floor crunches would do the trick much faster. Plus, there is no tricky "hardware" to move around your home. This may be because Pilates uses a variety. A residential drug treatment center provide a secure surroundings where the fan is given quality counseling, help, and friendship. Residential treatment centers offer a getaway from the roads, negative effects, and bad surroundings which speeds the restoration from drug and alcohol addiction. Many recovery services proffer smoking and non-smoking areas, home cooked meals, private rooms, and weight and relaxation training. New evidence suggests this could in fact be the case. The immediate rewards of point scoring offer regular shots of the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Scientists have theorised the very fast, second to second rewards offered by video-games, train the brain simply to respond at such rates on high-alert, and detract from the capability to sustain attention and defer rewards.

The group will be focussed on the training objectives, if you state your goals clearly, and you'll have a much higher percentage chance of success. In each customer service role-play, identify a location of focus for the class, perhaps the start of the call on one, positive confident language on another or how a specific situation is handled on another. Go on to YouTube and search for customer care role-plays, If you need ideas for focus areas.of tools that enhance the exercise session. Sometimes when people are using a tool or weight they feel like they are accomplishing more and that is because they are! It is common for a person exercising with the Pilates system to use a Wunda chair, stability ball, and resistance bands.

You'll be working with a certified professional to make create a custom workout and you'll have a chance to take in the gorgeous views from the giant windows. Pilates is a form of a physical fitness system which was developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany in the early years of the 20th century. Stress reduction is a common desire of many people. Aquatic Group Fitness If your gym has a pool, you will probably find aquatic group fitness classes. These are great for cardio and for strength training, as you will get your heart rate up, but will also be able to use the water itself to add resistance to your workout. Water aerobics is surprisingly difficult, and also really fun.

Sometimes schedules change monthly or each quarter so it is good to always be looking for a class time that works for your schedule. The difference between yoga and pilates can be minimal, and can depend on the instructor teaching the class. As a general rule, pilates is more about gentle stretching and toning the body in a relaxed and non invasive manner, while yoga combines gentle stretching, breathing techniques and mediation. This is the area where maximum fat is accumulated. These were the exercises to tone muscles without weights. Pilates is mostly about balanced movement, concentration, rhythm and breathing to tone the body with resistance training.

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September 23 2013


Circuit Knowledge Workout Routines

The best action is regular exercise that stretches the muscles and improves flexibility, with special considerations on the core muscles. This kind of response is relatively important for a number of factors that when taken for granted will only lead to serious health problems. What Are Core Muscles? To burn the body fat you will need to add cardio to your core workout. Cardio will eliminate the body fat so that the muscle you build with the core exercises really shows. For cardio you can do anything from running to cycling to swimming. As a bonus, Tony will switch back and forth between Superman and Banana several times. This will leave you dizzy and glad when it's over. Mason Twist from Ab Ripper X will make your grimace every time you do it.

You may think this is simply a waste of time, which is actually what you could experience if you do not follow the safety guidelines; as well as possibly go through considerable pain. The majority of people disregard the idea of warming up prior to calisthenics, though we have all heard it said. Several minutes of warming up and some light cardio as well before you do your core workout could create big differences, though you do not have to warm up for extended periods of time. Take two heavy somethings, like dumbbells, and walk across the room and subsequently going back again. You will work your arms, hands, shoulders, back, legs, and ... your core - covet crazy, to keep upright.

The answer is no. However the product isn't the type of product that would be suggested to purchase if you want to get sixpack abs were more defined core. Even thoughughd. For a start, it's good to know what's your body's core and how you can strengthen and keep it in good shape. Generally, the core refers to the muscles in the areas around your trunk, torso and pelvis, where your body's center of gravity focuses. Having the ease to do most physical activities, with no feelings of strain or tiredness Here are 2 core workouts that focus on your core muscles, strengthening them to strong and agile condition: I. It isn't easy to see but a strong back helps to keep your spine aligned and erect, making you stand up. You've known the essential muscles on your training. It's the best thing that you backup yourself with important information so you can have the proper and excellent approach for your golf swing training. Using customer service role-plays in an exercise module is very efficient both for existing customer service staff and for new staff. Our coaches have even had the misfortune to listen to various 'authorities' telling us about the so-called proper progressions from body-weight exercises, to Olympic lifts, to core stability ball work (yes, in that order! I thought I had misheard this 'specialist', and made him repeat himself). Lately I have been wanting to influence a number of our coaches and physiologist colleagues that 'baseball' training is not all it looks, nor does it endow one with skills that may extrapolate straight to any top-level sport.

They do indicate a deficiency in brain performance and an issue that must be taken seriously from the parents or people with this problem. It is lucky to be able to address such problems with a non-invasive, helpful retraining approach such as Sound Therapy, as opposed to needing to turn to drugs for that insufficient another solution. Australian Government Publishing Service.long and tall. It also helps to pull the abdominal muscles in and some of the back muscles wrap around to the front and when toned in a core workout, can be a contributing factor to a tiny waist. Good exercises for the back include the superman and good mornings.

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